Dances with Ducks…or they could be geese I’m not sure. Oh yeah and Happy New Year!

On the brink of the New Year there is always a feeling of hope non? I particularly feel that way this year. I am determined as usual but there is a difference. I really HAVE found my place, my new place I should say, as there have been a few “places” along the way for me.  Even if I am not successful at reaching all my goals-and we will get to those in a minute – I will at the very least be involved in something I truly enjoy.

So – my goals. I am going with the “if you visualize it you can make it so” school of thought… I’m not making an actual physical dream board (of course I did) – the board is in my head (also) , and now here for the whole ‘Word Press’ world to see.  I have a plan, and apparently part of my plan is to put pressure on myself by making it public! Hopefully my goals are attainable and I will take whatever help anyone wants to throw my way. HINT.

1. I WILL have a photo published… like the positivity – note I don’t say where. This is the key to my success! I don’t particularly care if it’s the WSJ or the cover of my local high school’s PTA fall program. Brilliant right?

2. I WILL be accepted into 1 (one) stock agency.

3. I will (note the small will) sell 1(one) print that is not associated with a paid client shoot.  Just a print that someone loves and is willing to buy.   It’s hard to get people to part with their money for “art”.  Am I alone in noticing this? Or maybe my work isn’t good enough to prompt them, YET! and I’m OK with that. I know I can get to that point eventually.

4. This one will be more difficult as I have traveled a LOT! But I WILL travel to one brand new place outside of my comfort zone just to take photos.

5.  This one is my most terrifying step as I have NO business acumen AT ALL. Two of my classes this coming semester will I hope assist me in my quest here. Web design and illustration. I WILL Clarify a marketing plan. Update my website. Create a logo!!!  You WILL hear more about this step in the future stay tuned.

6.  For the love of God – Spell photography correctly – not photogrpahy as I ALWAYS, ALWAYS do – thank you spell check.

 Oh yeah and I want to lose 20 pounds…duh!

So that’s it – it may be difficult or not depends on how the year goes. I expect all of you to wish me luck and I hope you will send me your thoughts and ideas on how to accomplish this as well as YOUR GOALS for the New Year….As long as you don’t make me ashamed that my goals are selfish and puny – then I am truly interested!

Be safe tonight and have fun. And remember what Wayne Gretzky once said …what? I’m from Buffalo – we love hockey…and playing football in the snow. – he wisely said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

So there. See you all in the New year. Personally I can’t wait!
You thought I forgot- here is are my pic(sss)

The calm before the storm

Mating dance – so cool.

Out on the Town

I noticed this couple as I was waiting at the crosswalk and thought they were adorable! Shhh… they don’t know I took this! : -)

Air and Land

This post is definitely of a local nature.  As I’ve said we live in Escondido just north of San Diego and one of our local gems is Lake Hodges. Within the park are miles of multi-use trails as well as boating, fishing, bird watching etc. You can feel very far from civilization in some areas of the park which I love. It has become one of my favorite dog friendly day hikes.   The birds are definitely a draw for me and if you are a bird enthusiast you should know that Lake Hodges has been named a globally important bird area since 1999, an important distinction for the park. There are upwards of 200 avian species that reside at or visit Lake Hodges each year, and thousands of migratory birds that winter at the lake.  Take for example the beautiful great egret I was able to photograph standing just feet from me. Enjoy todays series from one of my favorite places.

I wish you ALL – Hearts full of Happiness and Homes full of Love

I want to take a minute to say thank you for all the nice comments and support. As a new blogger I can’t tell you how much it means to me that someone out there is paying a bit of attention. It makes my day – really!

Have a happy and blessed holiday season however you celebrate it. PEACE.

So- not exactly a holiday picture BUT it is full of Christmas-y colors. 🙂

From our recent trip to San Francisco a street view of Chinatown.

It was a Dark and Stormy…ummmm.. day!

It was a typical SF morning , hazy with a bit of lingering fog, but bright… the photo was of course kind of washed out as will be in those circumstances so I embraced it! Processed with CS5 and some dodging and burning      f/16, 1/250, ISO 320   If I was any good at drawing I would add some bats flying overhead.




Columbus Ave or as I like to call it “Book Street”

Walking to dinner I saw this! 30 minutes later we started on our way again.  : )  Patient(!)  husband…




San Francisco Re-Cap

I could wax poetic for a long time about our weekend in SF but to spare your sanity I will skim over just the highlights. I hear your collective sigh of relief. : ) San Francisco did NOT disappoint!!! We stayed at the Omni this time, and loved it. Would definitely stay here again. Great location, quietly elegant lobby, exceptionally friendly and helpful staff (!) Lovely room with a view of the bay.  5 stars! The city was enchanting as usual, starting with the gorgeous ORANGE  lighted Christmas tree across the street, here…

    the traditional wreath bedecked windows of Macys here..                                                                        

the gorgeous atrium in Neiman Marcus and ice skating in Union square….magical.

We went to the farmers market Ferry Bldg 1 Saturday morning and were surprised by a full choir singing carols from the upper level. 

If you have never been to the farmers market you should make every effort to go. It’s full of wonderful produce, amazing and varied prepared foods, a to die for view, artisan market, wine tasting….need I say more? If you are looking for a different shopping experience from the department stores this is it. Speaking of the market – have you ever taken an immediate liking to someone? Been drawn to them for some reason? One of the artisans there had that effect on me. She makes the most adorable finger puppets. …and also builds them into unique wearable pieces like brooches and bracelets. Charming!  She had a gentleness and quiet spirit about her that I loved and her talent is out of this world. I wish I knew some little one I could buy one of these creations for, they are so imaginative.  Crocheted Creations by Diana, check out her booth, quite a talent!

Had some wonderful food as well. San Francisco can rival NYC with their restaurant scene in my humble opinion. The first night we tried Millenium, an upscale but casual gourmet vegan restaurant. Highly recommend. An unusual and creative cocktail menu, thoughtful and interesting small plates and  entrees as well as a prix fixe menu that is discounted Sun- Wed. Definitely worth a try even if you are a carnivore.  A  bit spendy but the quality is on par with the cost so no problem there.  Second night went to North Beach aka Little Italy and had pizza at BaoNecci .  It was a tiny bit like being back in Italy! The family is from Lucca which we have visited and is definitely a neighborhood restaurant, many people coming in and out greeting each other, very warm, friendly vibe. Towards the end of our meal two nicely dressed older women wearing sturdy shoes – cliché I know – but so accurate, there really is no other way to describe them and carrying  pocketbooks – again, you know what I mean, what else could I do here? -came in, were greeted effusively in Italian and sat immediately at a table up front. It was charming and a scene you will see a thousand times over in Italy it made me nostalgic for our time living in Europe. Oh and the pizza.. Thin crust , very Italian, my husband calls it a cracker crust and that’s a great description.

We finished up our trip with tons of shopping of course, and an unplanned side trip to the Contemporary Jewish Museum for an exhibit that caught my eye on Houdini! Now there was an interesting, enigmatic man.  The museum did a wonderful job.  Very interesting and thorough exhibit. Check it out if you are in the area. That wraps it up.

STILL going through pictures. My photo post of the day is one of my favorites. I hope you are all finished with holiday preparations – I would not want to brave the stores these last few days!



Good morning everyone! This is the sight I awoke to yesterday…I had to stumble around trying to find my camera before I even had coffee… A little back story. We live in Escondido which is in N. San Diego County. It’s a place I never thought I would even consider as we love the beach.  The many other times we have been stationed in San Diego we have all but once chosen the beach, at the very least have been in San Diego proper. Escondido seemed like a stretch but we loved the house, location and of course the view!! Now you can see why – the hills are just so lovely and different every morning.

This was shot at f/22, 1/125, ISO 320 and post processed with NIK HDR  but using a single image – I am fascinated by HDR but haven’t seriously given it much thought until recently. I am starting to experiment with it and see what I think. So far I like!

FYI I should mention I have sold and do sell all my prints on a variety of mediums.  I have an in-house Epson R3000 and a variety of gorgeous papers as well as contacts to print on canvas, metal and slate…  I am also working on a line of handmade photo cards. What can I say I like to be busy and create!!  If any of that interests you let me know or pass it on! : )

Have a great day! 5 days until Christmas!!!!