Here I am

Hello blogging world this is day one for me. I have resisted a blog for a long time but in this “social media” world it’s apparent that I need to step on the ride.  I am a photographer. There I said it. It sounds odd, false when I say it, as it has always been an “interest” “hobby” “passion”, not a career.  It’s too fresh to feel real.  Although I have had a few other careers I have always been a photographer at heart.  My father is an artist, a painter, and I suppose the creative drive came from him.  I have recently realized that I was always searching for a creative outlet. This search manifested itself in several sometimes amusing ways over the years, each creative endeavor not sticking until slowly; very slowly I realized that photography was what I had been looking for.  Actually my friends realized it long before me.  This is the way I stumbled into this decision.  Some background.  I am an RN. Once you are a nurse you are always and forever a nurse. Fellow nurses you will understand me.  However I was retired from traditional nursing but looking for something to occupy my mind, my time and perhaps forge another career not too far from the original nursing tree.  Safe, comfortable.  I settled on something and enrolled for online classes.  Well, the California school system being what it is –very reasonably priced for in state students, and very popular. I was only able to register for a single class within my declared major and needed more credit hours to maintain my ranking for next terms registration.   Hmm…how about a photography class?  I have the eye; I simply didn’t know ANY of the technical aspects.  I was often frustrated by the inability to get the idea from my mind to my camera.  Why not? It will be fun!   So I enrolled in 2 different photography classes as electives.  The end.  I immediately changed my major and am now eagerly awaiting my second semester at SOMA SBCC!

I am head over heels in love, I sometimes cannot sleep for thinking of what I want to photograph next, how I want to photograph it what I want to do with it afterwards…. How did this realization take so long?  Well I am here now and I plan on enjoying it. Challenging myself.   There is SO much out there that I don’t know. So many amazing photographers.   SO much to learn.  My point is not to be the best, but to be better today than I was yesterday. To have an “AAH HA!” moment each day…or several in one day so I can save them for the slow days when the light is not coming on…   : ) I hope you will enjoy my pictures, you smiling will make me smile. It doesn’t get too much better than that.


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