Hi all…as you know I’m new to this whole scene…. new to blogging, to online portfolios etc…I could really use some advice from those of you who have been around the blog…block. Sorry couldn’t help myself!

I am not overly concerned with image thievery but slightly concerned as I improve and someone may at some point think Hmmm, great image I am going to copy that… ( I wish! ) Seriously I have been warned a thousand times over by mentors and friends to protect, protect, protect. SO I have been reducing to 72 dpi per their instruction and watermarking. The downside is that when you want to enlarge; some if not most of these images are then grainy and not as enjoyable. How important is it? Is it more important to protect or to exhibit? What are you all doing my fellow photographer/travelers? I really want to know. Any and all constructive advice is welcome. Will you ask around and post and ask around some more? Thanks! ALSO…do you want the nitty-gritty on the shot I took it at these settings, blah di blah… or just the shot, mystique intact?

Thanks in advance I am really enjoying being here in your company.

PS: San Francisco is the bomb! Will try to make a thoughtful post upon my return!


2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Hi Hunter,

    I don’t use any copyright or watermark. I think that they detract from the image. Copyright is automatic in the States (, but if somebody wants it, they will take it. As far as resolution, 72 dpi is pretty bad, and most images I see on the net are meant to be viewed at a larger size. I think constantly posting low-res images will detract from the viewers pleasure. And for a photographer like myself whose only real viewing audience is here (I don’t sell), I feel that I would be doing you a disservice by always posting low-res.

    Also, I like a little shot information, especially on more complex images. I like to learn from others. However, with that said, I also like the simplicity of just enjoying a wonderful shot for what it is…a wonderful shot, Just my 2 pennies….

  2. I did not worry so much until recently about theft. Most of my pictures are framed and labelled in a way that the thief would have to crop the photo. Maybe it’s enough for the lazy quick theft?
    I think about invisible watermarks, but then how does the potential “Mr. Longfinger” know my photo is protected?
    For the time being I just added a copyright notice to the front page of my blog.
    Take care,
    – Pierre

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