Bits and Pieces

Well this flu has been slow going. I have not been this sick in a very long time… basically bedridden for three days. Great for computer work but UGH there has to be an easier way to get motivated!  So as you may have seen I have been going crazy trying to create a logo of some sort without any experience with the adobe programs to create one such as Fireworks or Illustrator. I have learned an amazing amount in a short time and at long last I have something I really like! I introduce you to my new and only logo…

Yay ! One portion of my New Years goals completed!  I have big ideas for this year and am really stoked. One of my projects is going to be the design of custom photographic gift wrap. Not the kind where you stick your face on there but a real photograph made large on high quality wrapping. I want to challenge myself and this seems like a fun, creative way to share art with friends and to make art – particularly photographic art – more accessible to the general public! I am just now sourcing things so I will keep you posted.

Here is a cheery picture for what I hope is my last day lying around for a while. Taken with my Raynox 150 on my NIKKOR 75-300mm. This is a beautiful tiny little flower we saw blooming on our trip a couple of months ago to Joshua Tree. Enjoy!

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