Put the phone down

I was reading a post about the importance of networking for business and it got me thinking… isn’t networking what life, not just work, is ALL about?

The principle of “getting out there” applies to every aspect of life. Being present and involved, aware of those around you and connected in your day-to-day life will pay off in many different ways not only in your work. Take a break from your phone (!) Lift your head, meet someone’s eyes and take a breath. You don’t need to be a social butterfly ~ simply say “hi” to someone walking past. We are all on this journey together and making connections is at the core of it.  You can’t know where you may meet your next friend, who may be a future colleague, whose day you just changed completely by showing them your smile, opening a door for them, acknowledging their presence, or who you may need help from in the future.  I for one am a tech junkie, I admit it. I love what technology can do for our lives. I adore my phone!  BUT, I like to think I know when to put it down.  I take regular conscious breaks and take my own advice.  I have met a few new clients this way, although it’s the emotional/spiritual payoff that is key for me. Simply put I feel better when I am out and about and connected to the world right in front of me.  So, put your phone down and look up. You truly never know who may cross your path!

Friends from around the world who I would never have met with my head down. 🙂