Focus 52 Week Six- Still Life

One of my goals this year was to actively and regularly participate in Focus 52  ( ) and Project 52 ( )   Both weekly photo assignment, critique and discussion groups online, designed to nudge photographers out of their comfort zone, challenge and inspire them. I rolled out a couple of the weeks bam , bam … then my regularly scheduled life got in the way. First the beginning of school then the death of our friend. So here we are at week six(!) already. It truly IS frightening just how fast time goes by. I am back in the loop. Can’t guarantee I will hit every week but I will try. I WILL! Week six “Still Life” for Focus 52. Sorry for the low res I don’t know how that happened when re-sizing but there is no going back as you know. …

Still Life

7 thoughts on “Focus 52 Week Six- Still Life

    • Thanks so much for the comment! It’s awesome to get feedback. The funnny thing is I was not all that happy with it, I felt rushed to do it because of afore mentioned “life” obligations, but it has been very popular especially in a photography class I am taking. It goes to show sometimes I can overthink the photo, concept etc…trying to be bigger and better…many times simple is best! Glad you enjoyed.

  1. Life happens for sure. But you’re sticking with it and that’s what counts.
    I’m sorry to hear of the death of your friend. My condolences xoxo

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