Route 66 or How to Lose Your Bra on the Side of the Road

I have lived in California more than 20 years at present count, yet I had no idea there were volcanic craters in Southern California just lying around on the side of the road in the middle of 27 square miles of LAVA fields! Yes…lava…Take that Hawaii! How did I suddenly come to know this you may ask? This interesting fact crossed my radar due to an impromptu road trip a few weekends ago along a far western stretch of U.S. Highway 66 — popularly known as Route 66, the Mother Road and even “The Will Rogers Highway.” Yes big pieces of it are still out there! Looking for a short getaway my husband and I decided nothing beats a classic American road trip, and when you think classic American road trip you MUST think good old’ Route 66. We had two days, a dog and no particular plan so we simply decided to drive as far as we could in a day, find a place to stay and then drive back. Beginning in San Diego and skipping the Los Angeles sections, we comfortably made it to Seligman, AZ with an overnight stay at a very nice pet friendly Springhill Suites in Kingman, AZ. Along the way we saw some amazing scenery and picked up a few interesting facts about this wonderful road.  Route 66 was nicknamed the nation’s ‘Mother Road’ by novelist John Steinbeck and strings together small-town main streets and country byways. It passes through 8 different states and some very eclectic places for 2,448 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. Finally paved end to end in 1937 it was officially decommissioned in 1985 and current maps do not even include Old Route 66. Ridiculous! Today only parts of it are drivable having been replaced by several major interstates. Even during its lifetime it was constantly changing leaving old stretches of concrete lying around for travelers to discover in their own time. So about that bra you ask…

Highlights of our mini vacation:

-The Harvey House Railroad Depot in Barstow, CA constructed in 1885 and still standing. Lots of cool old train cars sitting around here.

-The long stretches passing through the Mojave Desert. Nothing compares to the Mojave for getting away from it all. No traffic, houses, strip malls…therefore no road rage.…heaven!

-Coming upon the now abandoned iconic Roy’s Motel in the desert town of Amboy. A place with a design so cool the Jetsons would have felt comfortable checking in. The lobby and road sign which have appeared in multiple films still stands.

-The Grand Canyon Cavern. The largest dry cavern in the US and home to by far the worlds creepiest hotel suite 220 feet below the surface. No thanks honey.

-Loads of awesome old cars!

This mini trip left with me with the desire to put my hair into a beehive-do, fling a gauzy scarf around my neck and dig out the cat eye glasses and capris for further exploration of this beautiful and now lonesome road.  If you have the time stick around for a few of the pictures I took along the way. Yes…the bra!

If one strikes your fancy you know where to find them: AsqewCreative

Thanks for stopping by- Comments are welcomed with open arms!

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Chairs, Retro Design, Kingman AZ, Route 66, Mother Road, Arizona, Asqew creative,desert


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Winged Woman

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Road trip

Snow Cap, vintage decor, vintage road sign, route 66, slushie

Vintage Road Sign

Buick Gunsight, classic car, hot rod, route 66,vintage auto,black and white photography, Klingman az,hood ornaments,

Buick Gunsight

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2 thoughts on “Route 66 or How to Lose Your Bra on the Side of the Road

  1. I love your thoughts on Route 66! I ran the original ‘Mother Road Marathon’ in Joplin, Missouri (pre-tornado) on 10-10-10 and it was on Route 66 through THREE states! THAT was one of my most favorite runs ever!!! Feeling the history in the pavement, the comfort of the old style abandoned buildings, and seeing the original “Mater”! Love the photos and the memories babe! Well done!

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