To me…war cannot be fought without regret. In keeping with my latest visit to our Nations Capital I give you the “Three Soldiers” Commemorating the Vietnam War.

ISO 400 f/4.8 1/750 converted to BW




Recently returned from a sudden and unexpected trip to Washington, DC. A dear friend of ours passed away after an all too brief battle against lymphoma. It has been a difficult weekend physically and emotionally as well as a time for reflection. I am reminded to  live each day fully, let go of anger, forgive someone,  hug your children or a friend and pause at least once a day to lift your head and really look around.

We did manage to lift our heads for a few hours and spent it walking around the city where we have lived for a combined 10 years during different tours with the Navy, and I appreciated anew the beauty of the many memorials and monuments…. This week I will share a few of these as a tribute to a wonderful man and dedicated Naval Officer.

World War ll Memorial National Mall

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I have been on fire the last few days! Hyper productive and I hope spot on creatively…it feels that way. This directly on the heels of a huge slump. Feeling like “what is the point?” Of course the “WHO cares?” and the “What am I doing?”  existential “etc” here… Then the very next day I got up and worked for 8 hours straight (???)  I mean NOT moving at ALL from 6AM- 2PM in my BED(!)  RE-designing my web site in the midst of panicked pacing and looks of distress from my dog. IF she could, she would have dialed 911 for SURE! Since then I have been a whirlwind. I have a Shop up and running here:, I am about 10% into my SmugMug Pro account for my Pet Portrait business clients and “serious” art (HaHa!) for sale here: and loving the creativity of it all. Sometimes lately I think, how I was a nurse all those years?  I only say that because two different sides of the brain right? I strongly doubt my whole brain is firing so what gives? Therefore in light of the work I have been doing, I took a break and spent time investigating tools of other trades such as a couple of the gorgeous local wineries I frequent. A lot.  Cordiano Winery, Escondido, CA.    and Rancho Bernardo Winery, San Diego, CA   Divertiti!

Shadows and Light- A mini Exhibition

I love shadows…especially when you notice them unexpectedly. When they are calling out “Over here! Look at me!”  and it startles you. Today I give you three of those moments.

I lived in Spain for 4 years and one of my favorite objects purchased there is a Lladro of Flamenco Dancers. While I was sipping coffee on my sofa the sun brought them to life as they perform on my wall …  Also shared on Flickr-Project52

The second occurred on that same, apparently magical, couch. This is of my fireplace.

  During a walk with my dog, we paused for a rest on this log (embarrassing inadvertent rhyme) when I looked over and noticed this lovely feather…

Out on the Town

I noticed this couple as I was waiting at the crosswalk and thought they were adorable! Shhh… they don’t know I took this! : -)

Air and Land

This post is definitely of a local nature.  As I’ve said we live in Escondido just north of San Diego and one of our local gems is Lake Hodges. Within the park are miles of multi-use trails as well as boating, fishing, bird watching etc. You can feel very far from civilization in some areas of the park which I love. It has become one of my favorite dog friendly day hikes.   The birds are definitely a draw for me and if you are a bird enthusiast you should know that Lake Hodges has been named a globally important bird area since 1999, an important distinction for the park. There are upwards of 200 avian species that reside at or visit Lake Hodges each year, and thousands of migratory birds that winter at the lake.  Take for example the beautiful great egret I was able to photograph standing just feet from me. Enjoy todays series from one of my favorite places.