A HOO-HOO-HOOT of a Tale….

The Owls of Kit Carson

Based on true events!

 Chapter ~ 1

Once upon a time there was a family of owls that moved into a recently vacated high-rise condo in a very lovely park setting…The Mama owl, being a bit young, naïve and shall we say avante garde chose the very swank and modern condo at 30f Palm Ave. It was a non traditional choice in the Owl community with its open floor plan, giant skylight encompassing the whole roof, and unobstructed panoramic views.  Mama was completely captivated by its sleek good looks without a thought to the family she would have in the near future. Perhaps we can blame her lack of judgment on the very recent and shocking news that she would soon have three owlets! Three! Why she was not quite ready to give up her own late nights out on the town to stay home and care for one owlet not to mention three.

As mother nature would have it, soon the babies were born.. One look and Mama owl was so smitten with her three cream-colored fluffy owlets that she didn’t immediately realize it was going to be a problem to house all of them in a one bedroom studio… As the days passed she grew into an excellent Mother and fierce protector  ever vigilant in her watch. And so the family settled in together for a few short peaceful weeks.  I say few because, well….as we all know babies eventually become teenagers and that’s when Mama Owl’s troubles began…   To be continued…..


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Word press weekly Photo challenge: Together


Hello all! The new website has been such a joy for me! I want to thank all of you for the great feedback, for taking the time to look over the site and to actually comment thoughtfully. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with all of you out there. In this hurry up instantaneous world we are living in now, I appreciate even more deeply those of you who slow down long enough to look around and comment. SO thank you , thank you! I am NOT a fan of the hard sell but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, so a brief word about the designer.  Jacqui Childers of EnsoBlue. Find her here: http://ensoblue.com/ She was thorough, professional, communicative, on time, innovative and generally a joy to work with.  f you are in the market think of her! So on to this week’s Word press Photo Challenge: Together..in case you forgot the word in the midst of all my chatter!

Enjoy this photo of a Mama Great Horned owl and her babies “together in their nest!
Stay tuned for the full story of this family coming to a blog near you soon! Trailer: It has drama, rescue!, heartbreak, suspense and handsome firemen…who could ask for more…

A Life Saved!

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As some of you may know I found a hummingbird nest while on a hike at nearby Blue Sky Canyon about two weeks ago and was able to photograph the mama sitting on her nest from QUITE a distance with my 300mm maxed out! I have actively searched for hummingbird nests in the past with no luck at all and now I see why. They are virtually impossible to see even when you know where they are!!

Here again is the original photo of the Mama

Well we were able to get back to the park over the weekend and I was eager to check on the nest. When we found it again I felt like something wasn’t right. There was only one tiny baby peeking out at me and with the big storm that we just had in mind it prompted me to look around on the ground by the nest. Lo and behold there was a baby lying on the ground and at first glance I thought ” Oh no! it’s dead!” But as I watched I could see it breathing. I alerted a park ranger who was nearby and they placed the baby back in the nest. Which I didn’t know you could do successfully. There was barely room for two of them and he perched precariously on the edge of the nest panting from stress. I wasn’t sure what would happen but when we came by at the end of our hike I could see he was now snuggled into the nest more. Good Sign! Today I returned to check on things…no mama in sight ( they need to feed every 20 minutes) so I snapped a few pictures of the nest with both birds snuggled in there tight! Alive! Yay! Here you go let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

Joy and Peace inside Sadness and Chaos

Finding time to post not to mention photograph these last few weeks have been exceptionally difficult.

There have been two quick trips back to back, the relapse of my elderly dog who thankfully looks to be back on track and the sudden wonderful busyness in my professional life… BUT as a solo act this means I am the only one doing all the work. The actual photography I love, of course!  The business side… not so much.   Accompanying the wonderful uptick in business has been a month of hard learned lessons. Lessons I didn’t want to learn…reminders of how, no matter how much we want to trust humankind, everyone does not want the best for you… This kind of realization is particularly hard hitting for someone scoring off the charts as an empath.  To further complicate things I am simultaneously in the midst of re-doing my web site. I think it will be wonderful when complete and hope to stay sane until it is!

So – I have missed a few weeks of sharing with you here… but did manage to capture a moment that truly made me smile and one that brought a feeling of peace.  I share those with you today in the hopes that they will do the same for you.

Sunset last night N San Diego County….

Hummingbird – Glendale, AZ  10 days ago

Kites without strings

So excited I “caught” my Kites today! I have been stalking them since I found their tree by accident. I have only seen the one before and today there were two. I came prepared with my 300mm. They are very difficult to get near at all. The tree is about 150 ft tall and they are at the very top and extremely wary. Kit Carson Park, Escondido, CA  Enjoy!

Dances with Ducks…or they could be geese I’m not sure. Oh yeah and Happy New Year!

On the brink of the New Year there is always a feeling of hope non? I particularly feel that way this year. I am determined as usual but there is a difference. I really HAVE found my place, my new place I should say, as there have been a few “places” along the way for me.  Even if I am not successful at reaching all my goals-and we will get to those in a minute – I will at the very least be involved in something I truly enjoy.

So – my goals. I am going with the “if you visualize it you can make it so” school of thought… I’m not making an actual physical dream board (of course I did) – the board is in my head (also) , and now here for the whole ‘Word Press’ world to see.  I have a plan, and apparently part of my plan is to put pressure on myself by making it public! Hopefully my goals are attainable and I will take whatever help anyone wants to throw my way. HINT.

1. I WILL have a photo published… like the positivity – note I don’t say where. This is the key to my success! I don’t particularly care if it’s the WSJ or the cover of my local high school’s PTA fall program. Brilliant right?

2. I WILL be accepted into 1 (one) stock agency.

3. I will (note the small will) sell 1(one) print that is not associated with a paid client shoot.  Just a print that someone loves and is willing to buy.   It’s hard to get people to part with their money for “art”.  Am I alone in noticing this? Or maybe my work isn’t good enough to prompt them, YET! and I’m OK with that. I know I can get to that point eventually.

4. This one will be more difficult as I have traveled a LOT! But I WILL travel to one brand new place outside of my comfort zone just to take photos.

5.  This one is my most terrifying step as I have NO business acumen AT ALL. Two of my classes this coming semester will I hope assist me in my quest here. Web design and illustration. I WILL Clarify a marketing plan. Update my website. Create a logo!!!  You WILL hear more about this step in the future stay tuned.

6.  For the love of God – Spell photography correctly – not photogrpahy as I ALWAYS, ALWAYS do – thank you spell check.

 Oh yeah and I want to lose 20 pounds…duh!

So that’s it – it may be difficult or not depends on how the year goes. I expect all of you to wish me luck and I hope you will send me your thoughts and ideas on how to accomplish this as well as YOUR GOALS for the New Year….As long as you don’t make me ashamed that my goals are selfish and puny – then I am truly interested!

Be safe tonight and have fun. And remember what Wayne Gretzky once said …what? I’m from Buffalo – we love hockey…and playing football in the snow. – he wisely said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

So there. See you all in the New year. Personally I can’t wait!
You thought I forgot- here is are my pic(sss)

The calm before the storm

Mating dance – so cool.

Air and Land

This post is definitely of a local nature.  As I’ve said we live in Escondido just north of San Diego and one of our local gems is Lake Hodges. Within the park are miles of multi-use trails as well as boating, fishing, bird watching etc. You can feel very far from civilization in some areas of the park which I love. It has become one of my favorite dog friendly day hikes.   The birds are definitely a draw for me and if you are a bird enthusiast you should know that Lake Hodges has been named a globally important bird area since 1999, an important distinction for the park. There are upwards of 200 avian species that reside at or visit Lake Hodges each year, and thousands of migratory birds that winter at the lake.  Take for example the beautiful great egret I was able to photograph standing just feet from me. Enjoy todays series from one of my favorite places.