Good morning everyone! This is the sight I awoke to yesterday…I had to stumble around trying to find my camera before I even had coffee… A little back story. We live in Escondido which is in N. San Diego County. It’s a place I never thought I would even consider as we love the beach.  The many other times we have been stationed in San Diego we have all but once chosen the beach, at the very least have been in San Diego proper. Escondido seemed like a stretch but we loved the house, location and of course the view!! Now you can see why – the hills are just so lovely and different every morning.

This was shot at f/22, 1/125, ISO 320 and post processed with NIK HDR  but using a single image – I am fascinated by HDR but haven’t seriously given it much thought until recently. I am starting to experiment with it and see what I think. So far I like!

FYI I should mention I have sold and do sell all my prints on a variety of mediums.  I have an in-house Epson R3000 and a variety of gorgeous papers as well as contacts to print on canvas, metal and slate…  I am also working on a line of handmade photo cards. What can I say I like to be busy and create!!  If any of that interests you let me know or pass it on! : )

Have a great day! 5 days until Christmas!!!!