Night Time is the Right Time – Part 2

Inspired by an article I read and a visit from two of my nieces which landed me in downtown San Diego very late into the night I took this series of the Gaslamp district and part of San Diego’s waterfront after dark. Enjoy!

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Listen to The Guitar Man

This week we attended the Ocean beach Farmers Market.   As usual there were a variety of street musicians playing and I saw this man sitting to the side strumming away. The first thing that caught my eye was his very cool, homemade guitar (?) At first glance some people might think; “oh poor guy he can’t afford a real guitar”, or alternatively “he must a bit crazy” so he made one!  In reality, often the most talented musicians will create an instrument from their exceptional knowledge of sound, how it’s created and how to manipulate it for their purpose. That is the case here. This instrument has a very unique sound like many guitars strumming at once and almost electric.  I didn’t want to interrupt his playing for a lengthy discussion but I approached him by complimenting his instrument and then asking if he would mind if I took his picture. The answer was obviously yes.  Meet “The Guitar Man

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Hurry with that beer will you!

Hurry with that beer will you!

This is Craft & Commerce one of my favorite places to hang out in the Little Italy outskirts. It sits on a quiet street but is usually hopping and has a unique, warm and cozy but hip vibe. There are outdoor seating areas as well as a bar, community table and standard tables.

This was a Sunday my husband and I were just taking a walk with no particular agenda and I thought I heard this scene speaking to me… Shot at f/4,  1/8, ISO 640 ev +1, 26mm. I was deliberatley trying to catch motion. Post processed NIK color efex3