Dances with Ducks…or they could be geese I’m not sure. Oh yeah and Happy New Year!

On the brink of the New Year there is always a feeling of hope non? I particularly feel that way this year. I am determined as usual but there is a difference. I really HAVE found my place, my new place I should say, as there have been a few “places” along the way for me.  Even if I am not successful at reaching all my goals-and we will get to those in a minute – I will at the very least be involved in something I truly enjoy.

So – my goals. I am going with the “if you visualize it you can make it so” school of thought… I’m not making an actual physical dream board (of course I did) – the board is in my head (also) , and now here for the whole ‘Word Press’ world to see.  I have a plan, and apparently part of my plan is to put pressure on myself by making it public! Hopefully my goals are attainable and I will take whatever help anyone wants to throw my way. HINT.

1. I WILL have a photo published… like the positivity – note I don’t say where. This is the key to my success! I don’t particularly care if it’s the WSJ or the cover of my local high school’s PTA fall program. Brilliant right?

2. I WILL be accepted into 1 (one) stock agency.

3. I will (note the small will) sell 1(one) print that is not associated with a paid client shoot.  Just a print that someone loves and is willing to buy.   It’s hard to get people to part with their money for “art”.  Am I alone in noticing this? Or maybe my work isn’t good enough to prompt them, YET! and I’m OK with that. I know I can get to that point eventually.

4. This one will be more difficult as I have traveled a LOT! But I WILL travel to one brand new place outside of my comfort zone just to take photos.

5.  This one is my most terrifying step as I have NO business acumen AT ALL. Two of my classes this coming semester will I hope assist me in my quest here. Web design and illustration. I WILL Clarify a marketing plan. Update my website. Create a logo!!!  You WILL hear more about this step in the future stay tuned.

6.  For the love of God – Spell photography correctly – not photogrpahy as I ALWAYS, ALWAYS do – thank you spell check.

 Oh yeah and I want to lose 20 pounds…duh!

So that’s it – it may be difficult or not depends on how the year goes. I expect all of you to wish me luck and I hope you will send me your thoughts and ideas on how to accomplish this as well as YOUR GOALS for the New Year….As long as you don’t make me ashamed that my goals are selfish and puny – then I am truly interested!

Be safe tonight and have fun. And remember what Wayne Gretzky once said …what? I’m from Buffalo – we love hockey…and playing football in the snow. – he wisely said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

So there. See you all in the New year. Personally I can’t wait!
You thought I forgot- here is are my pic(sss)

The calm before the storm

Mating dance – so cool.