Night Time is the Right Time – Part 2

Inspired by an article I read and a visit from two of my nieces which landed me in downtown San Diego very late into the night I took this series of the Gaslamp district and part of San Diego’s waterfront after dark. Enjoy!

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Night Time is the Right Time – Part 1

Inspired by an article I read on Tuts and a visit from two of my nieces which landed me in downtown San Diego very late into the night I took this series of the Gaslamp district and part of San Diego’s waterfront after dark. Enjoy!

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USS Midway

Coronado Bridge


Recently returned from a sudden and unexpected trip to Washington, DC. A dear friend of ours passed away after an all too brief battle against lymphoma. It has been a difficult weekend physically and emotionally as well as a time for reflection. I am reminded to  live each day fully, let go of anger, forgive someone,  hug your children or a friend and pause at least once a day to lift your head and really look around.

We did manage to lift our heads for a few hours and spent it walking around the city where we have lived for a combined 10 years during different tours with the Navy, and I appreciated anew the beauty of the many memorials and monuments…. This week I will share a few of these as a tribute to a wonderful man and dedicated Naval Officer.

World War ll Memorial National Mall

ISO 400 1/125 f/22 converted to BW


Listen to The Guitar Man

This week we attended the Ocean beach Farmers Market.   As usual there were a variety of street musicians playing and I saw this man sitting to the side strumming away. The first thing that caught my eye was his very cool, homemade guitar (?) At first glance some people might think; “oh poor guy he can’t afford a real guitar”, or alternatively “he must a bit crazy” so he made one!  In reality, often the most talented musicians will create an instrument from their exceptional knowledge of sound, how it’s created and how to manipulate it for their purpose. That is the case here. This instrument has a very unique sound like many guitars strumming at once and almost electric.  I didn’t want to interrupt his playing for a lengthy discussion but I approached him by complimenting his instrument and then asking if he would mind if I took his picture. The answer was obviously yes.  Meet “The Guitar Man

On a Happy Ending Note! My site is now up!

Enjoy your day!

I wish you ALL – Hearts full of Happiness and Homes full of Love

I want to take a minute to say thank you for all the nice comments and support. As a new blogger I can’t tell you how much it means to me that someone out there is paying a bit of attention. It makes my day – really!

Have a happy and blessed holiday season however you celebrate it. PEACE.

So- not exactly a holiday picture BUT it is full of Christmas-y colors. 🙂

From our recent trip to San Francisco a street view of Chinatown.

Columbus Ave or as I like to call it “Book Street”

Walking to dinner I saw this! 30 minutes later we started on our way again.  : )  Patient(!)  husband…




Hurry with that beer will you!

Hurry with that beer will you!

This is Craft & Commerce one of my favorite places to hang out in the Little Italy outskirts. It sits on a quiet street but is usually hopping and has a unique, warm and cozy but hip vibe. There are outdoor seating areas as well as a bar, community table and standard tables.

This was a Sunday my husband and I were just taking a walk with no particular agenda and I thought I heard this scene speaking to me… Shot at f/4,  1/8, ISO 640 ev +1, 26mm. I was deliberatley trying to catch motion. Post processed NIK color efex3

Americas Cup Marketplace

To challenge myself I am going to attempt a photo post every day, don’t panic : ) it will more likely turn into once a week if I’m lucky when school resumes (see my tale in Here I Am) … I will post the shot info as well. I invite all of you to comment…kindly please.

My equipment: I don’t have a huge budget and as making the leap into photography was new for me I went with the NIKON D 5100. I took a loooooong time to make a decision.  Those hard-earned $$ were not going anywhere until I had researched which is not something I normally do…. hello impulse buying!  It’s not my dream camera for sure but I have been very happy with it so far. Of course I’m stepping up from a Sony point and shoot so I had low expectations and until 4 months ago had absolutely no knowledge of camera settings. What they were, what it meant, what you could do with them. Really. No really.  I also purchased the following lenses. NIKKOR all of them…18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 which I use ALL the time, 50mm 1:1.4G, 10-24mm 1:3.5-4.5G and a Raynox macro m150 until I can afford a real macro lens. Suggestions?

So! I know there are thousands of photographers out there and all of you better at something or more likely several things, than I.  My plan is to use this daily post to learn, improve and occasionally step outside my comfort zone.   I am slightly obsessed, in what I hope is a “wow she really likes photography how awesome” way, not in the” it’s crazy Aunt Matilde don’t let her see us!!” way.   ( No offense meant to any Matildes crazy or otherwise)

So please point me towards your photos for viewing enjoyment as well as for illustration of techniques you may wish to discuss… Thanks to all of you.


I live in the San Diego area and this year we hosted Americas Cup…again.  It was quite a party. I love night-time shooting and love to experiment with motion and light.                     Settings  f/ 4.5,   1/13,  ISO 1600, 24mm no flash

Americas Cup Market